Marble cutting involves a wide range of processes, from exploiting large blocks in quarry, cut to slabs with gang saw blades or large diamond saw blades, continuing all the way to cut-to-sized tiles. Many diamond tools are suitable for each distinct usage.

Almost all marble is more soft than granite, but it is the natural stone still. But compared to metal, marble is a very hard natural material. Practicable modes for cutting marble include gang saws, diamond saw blades and small diamond cutting disc, all of diamond tools contain diamond grits. Without diamond, none tool can cut through marble.

The "cutting" procedure greatly impacts the efficiency of the grinding and polishing procedures to continue. If the cutting is done improperly, additional work is required for the grinding procedure and sometimes there isn’t any way to renovate. Best diamond cutting tools, for example, best marble diamond saw blade appear three vital features: they must have a "sharp cutting edge" , "long-lasting life" and they must enable the operators to accomplish "accurate and precise cutting" without any waste of marble.
16 best marble diamond saw blade
Best 16 diamond blade for marble tile cutting

The noisy sound produced when cutting marble is a nuisance. Part of our marble cutting tools(silent diamond saw blade) have a sound restraining effect to improve your working environment. This sound can be used for barometer for efficient work. Workers can buy the silent core diamond saw blade for your marble to keep low noisy, especially in European and American market, the silent diamond saw blade is needed!

Electroplated diamond discs(small diameter diamond saw blade we call it cutting disc) for cutting marble are specially designed for attaching to disc grinders/angle grinders. Electroplated diamond cutting discs do not bring about any loading because they have the largest exposure of diamond as compared with other formats. This feature is also well suitable for fiber-reinforced plastic.
electroplated diamond cutting disc
Double side electroplated diamond cutting disc for marble

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