Diamond saw blades for wall saws for cutting concrete and reinforced concrete. The diamond wall saw blades are available both with brazed diamond segments and laser welded segments. The brazing allows to have a cheaper diamond wall saw blade and allows re-tipping of wall saw blade once the segments have been wear off, however this type of welding is less resistant than the laser welding. Therefore is subject to diamond segment detachment during the cutting. The laser welding is more resistant, because it creates a kind of casting between the metal blade core and diamond segments, but it does not allow the re-use of the diamond wall saw blade with new segment.
Generally speaking, the diamond wall saw blade is a cutting tool frequently used for cutting bricks and all kinds of reinforced concrete
The diamond wall saw blade is a diamond tool for fast speed cutting concrete walls. It is available with diameters from 600mm, 800mm ,1200mm , 1400mm and 1600mm to offer different
Each diamond wall blade is made according to specific customer requests and changes depending on the type of pre-stressed concrete to be cut, the aggregates that compose it, the power of the machine, the cutting speed and cutting thickness.

Arix wall saw blades are more and more popular in Europe now, please contact us if you are interested in!
arix wall saw blades
Our diamond wall saw blades could be installed in Hilti, husqvarna and other name brand wall saw machine.
diamond wall saw blade

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