Diamond cutting blade is a common tool part in industrial production. With the continuous update of technology, diamond cutting blades have been designed with various of models and types. The types of diamond cutting blades on the market are even more complicated. How to choose more cost-effective diamond cutting blade on the market for your works? ChinShine experts will introduce to you, so that you can buy more cost-effective cutting blades.
arix diamond cutting blades
After clarifying the cutting object and selecting the correct diamond cutting blade, how to compare the quality of cutting blades produced by different manufacturers?
The working principle of diamond cutting blades is the diamond crystal. Therefore, the diamond content of cutting blade becomes the focus.

When choosing a diamond cutting blade, it depends on the amount of diamond particles in the diamond segments. In order to reduce the cost, the inferior cutting blade Reduce the content of diamonds, not only can the consumer not move after use, but the consumables are also very fast.

The second method is to distinguish the quality of the diamond cutting blade by looking at the color of the diamond segments. Generally speaking, the surface of a good-quality cutting blade shows the natural color of iron, while the poor-quality blade shows a dark color.

Another method is check by the experienced workers, good diamond cutting blades cut smoothly, but inferior blades do not cut smoothly.

Finally, it depends on the content of blade is diamond or emery. The wear resistance of diamond is several times higher than emery, this identification is also an effective method of choosing good quality diamond cutting blades.

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