ChinShine has many years of R&D and production experience in the field of diamond cutting wire saw, with meticulous improvement and strict control of each process. We have a completely automatic production line to ensure the high safety, high cutting efficiency, and stability of our wire saw. For different stones and cutting objects, we have different specifications to choose from.
ChinShine's diamond wire saw can be well adapted to different stones and different uses. In stone quarrying, block shaping and special-shaped cutting have great advantages.
plasticed coated diamond wire saw rope for granite marble
Applications of diamond wire saw.
1. For quarry, fixed, multiple and profile wire saws.
2. For cutting marble, granite. (Other stone are available)
Advantages of diamond wire saw: 
1. With good cutting effect, small groove, accurate size, high cutting efficiency, to ensure the beauty of the plate, etc.
2. Good clarity, long cutting life, low noise when cutting, environmental protection.
3. Different mandrel sizes and section specifications are available upon request.
4. High performance, safety and no pollution. Special rubber and vulcanization process.
5. For different cutting objects, there are wire saws with different formulas to choose from.

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