The advantage of ChinShine diamond wire saw for granite quarry

Diamond wire saw for granite quarry cutting is a steel wire with rubber coated and impregnated diamond beads. Diameter of diamond bead 11.5mm is the most popular on market, because of its high efficient mining and long working life. Rubber coated and the steel wire play an important roles during cutting for diamond wire saw, mostly steel wires are imported from Europe for quality and strength purpose.
ChinShine quarry diamond wire saw is one of the best diamond wires in China, it is 2 times working lifespan than the diamond wires from Turkey.

Why use diamond wire saw for granite quarrying?

Granite quarry diamond wire saw is used on granite quarry wire saw machine for vertical and horizontal cutting to mine granite blocks. Diamond wire saw is the most environmental, no waste and quite convinient.
By using diamond wire saw, the quarry will have a high yield of granite block. With the promotion of this ChinShine diamond wire saw, the situation of high consumption of resource, low output, small size of block, danger, pollution can be hugely improved.

What is the difference between quarry granite diamond wire saw and marble diamond wire saw ?

Electroplated diamond wire and vacuum brazed diamond wire can be used in marble, limestone or soft natural stone quarry as well. Because they are sharper than sintered diamond wire saw.  Here we compare the sintered bead diamond wire saw between marble and granite cutting.
The most difference is the diamond bead bond/formular and wire coating/reinforcement.
a. Bond or Formular: for granite quarry diamond wire saw, it is more cobalt based metal bond while the marble quarry wire more in cooper based metal bond
b. Coating or reinforcement: Rubber coating or reinforcement is used for granite diamond wire saw. For the marble diamond wire saw, it is more in spring reinforcement with rubber coated to make the wire sawing for safety cutting, because marble quarry structure is more complicated, the spring can protect the diamond wire won't broken during cutting.
granite diamond wire saw

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