People use terrazzo as flooring because of its low lost and clean. The terrazzo floor is not only easy to clean, but also an inevitable process to make polishing,  it can make floor looks cleaner and improve the surface finish of the terrazzo. Here are the sugguestions from ChinShine engineers below,
1. Grinding: for an uneven terrazzo floor, it can be grinded with metal bond grinding tools, such a diamond grinding shoe, diamond grinding cup wheel or diamond grinding plates. After grinding smoothly, polishing with 50#, 100#, 200# diamond polishing pads. for flat terrazzo floor, it can be polished with diamond polishing pads directly. After terrazzo floor is polished, dry the terrazzo floor with a suction machine.
2. Curing: after floor drying (24 hours later), spraying cement stabilizer, the terrazzo floor must keep weting for over 4 hours.
3. Polishing: after the cement solidifying is dry(better over 24 hours), the works of floor polishing is started again, use the diamond polishing pads with 500#, 1000#, 2000#, 3000# and then dry the floor quickly.
By the way, when polishing with grit 3000# pad, it is better polish with clean water which will clean the floor as well.
4. Crystal polishing: after the terrazzo floor dry, you can use white or red sponge polishing pads with waterstone permeation solution to final polishing. After dry polishing, using polished water CR-2T or CR-10T to polish and crystallize the floor until dry.
When you are looking for metal diamond grinding tools or diamond polishing pads, you could choose ChinShine. We hope you have a glossy and smoothly terrazzo floor polishing succussfully.
 How to grind Terrazzo floor with diamond grinding tools and polishing pads

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