The exposure of the diamond on the cutting surface of diamond segment will affect the cutting depth and cutting speed. The quality of diamond segment is depend on he diamond grit size, bond hardness and metal materials powder quality. We are here just talking about the diamond grit size. The cutting speed of coarse diamond is faster than fine ones, but the segment bond quality is more strict than fine diamonds. General speaking, coarse grits are used to cut soft materials, while smaller grits are used for cutting hard materials; coarse diamond is used for large diameter of diamond saw blade, fine diamond is used for small diameter of diamond saw blade.
The grit size of the diamond determines the number of diamond per carat. The grit of diamond finer, the quantity of diamond per carat more pieces. Because the number of diamonds on the cutting area of the diamond segment have an effect on the segment's life and power consumption, choosing the appropriate mesh is the key to ensuring diamond segment performance. In general, low-concentration diamond with fine-grained diamond, diamond segment can make the surface of the diamond particles increased, so that is conducive to improving life expectancy, but also increased power consumption.
In addition, diamond grit size and its concentration also determines the number of cutting segment surface grain. The higher the diamond concentration, the more the number of crystal diamond on the surface of the diamond segment, which helps to increase the life span.

The grit size of diamond affects the quality of diamond segment

Important: We are responsible manufacturer and always strict to our quality, we keep quality guarantee. We have various formula for the diamond segments for different area and countries, although our diamond segments have been tested successfully in many countries, If customers are not satisfied with the quality or its life, we can still make another set of segment to you as free, the formula of the new segment will be adjusted according to your comment(overcome the fault of your manual operation and the improper machinery operation).

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