ChinShine provides quality velcro hook and loop backing pads for polishing pads, they are rubber backing pad, plastic backing pads and aluminium backing pad.  These velcro backing pads are the basis which allows the working unit to stay in workable condition for a long time. Our rubber backing pads are flexible and tough made from a certain durable material so that it lasts longer than other backing pads supplier.
Most hook and loop backing pads are essential tools for stone polishing and creates the base for quick and easy replacement of pads across series of pads. Velcro backing pads are available in various sizes ranging from 3 to 8 inches, various degree of flexibility flexible, semi flexible, rigid. It is made out of multiple materials such as rubber, plastic (with or without foam), aluminum etc. 
China quality velcro hook and loop backing pads for polishing pads
The 4" 100mm rubber hook and loop backing pad is the most popular one, because it can be used on a wide range of tools and works a larger surface area. Hook and loop backing pads are also known as Velcro backing pads and are used for many industrial and construction based purposes like Granite polishing / sanding, Marble, Granite Tile, Marble Tile, Travertine, Terrazzo, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain tile, artificial and natural stones polishing sanding. Use of undersized backing pads is chosen to polish round or tight corners for additional reach where it is hard to reach, whereas same size backing pads are preferred for flat area polishing.
When buy velcro hook and loop backing pads for sale, please provide,
1. Choose rubber, plastic, aluminium backing pads, rubber contain hard, medium hard and soft backing pads.
2. Diameter of backing pads.
3. Thread/arbor of backing pads.
China quality velcro hook and loop backing pads for polishing pads

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