Nylon flexible sponge discs for marble polishing and abrasive floor pad

The nylon flexible sponge discs for marble polishing in our company is the most advanced marble polishing material in domestic market at present. It is made with multilayer non wovens and polymer fiber material, having the feature of high rate of finished products, long lifespan, low relative cost compared with wet polishing pad, and suitable for scale mechanizing operation. Twister pads are more and more popular in Asian countries. When using the sponge twister pads on marble, sandstone, bowlder, yellow jade, travertine, basalt and other soft stone as well as artificial stone and terrazzo floor, the twister pad loses heat and shines the surface fast, the glossiness reaches 80°-100°.



Feature of sponge discs for marble polishing pads:

1. The open meshy structure is soft and durable, the grain is beautiful and even, the working face of hmp won’t change color even the temperature is high (burning plate), little scuffing to the floor;
2. Losing heat and shining the surface fast, the glossiness reaches 80-100 degree;
3. Suitable for hand-held grinder and other scale mechanizing operation;
4. It can be used for floor renewing and save costs;
5. Favorable prices and high cost-performance.
diamond twister pads sponge for marble polishing



Why buy nylon sponge disc for marble polishing and twister pads from ChinShine?

 * ChinShine disc for marble polishing have been market tested.

* Compared with most suppliers, we could ensure that our polishing efficiency  is increased  at least 20%.

* 24 hours response.

* Professional technical support and solution.

* Direct communication with engineers.

* Best after-sale service. 


If we want to buy fiber sponge disc for marble polishing, how could we know the quality?

Please buy fiber sponge twister pad with a small quantity first, test the quality and our service, it will be much better for our long term cooperation. For small quantity, you don’t need to take risk in case the quality doesn’t fit your market, moreover, we offer sample discount to sincere clients for ease of use.


With years of hard study and adopting quality non wovens and polymer fiber, our experienced technicians had worked out the best formulas for all kinds of working conditions. For different materials, we have enough correspondent formulas and its grits polishing and abrasive floor.


ChinShine is striving to become the best cost-effective manufacturer of fiber sponge twister pads.

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