ChinShine produce all series of diamond chain saw for cutting concrete, bricks and natural stone.

ChinShine use diamond chain saws similar to ordinary chainsaws, but laser welding diamond segments on chain edges.

Diamond chainsaw is used on gasoline or hydraulic power, and the diamond chain saws is lubricated with water because of the high friction and removal of dust.

Brand Name: ChinShine

Place of Origin: Quanzhou, Fujian, China

Chain Pitch: 3/8" / 0.45".

Chain Guage: 0.063"(1.6mm)

Raw Material: high quality imported steel

Fit machine: ICS machine, STHIL machine
Application: concrete,stone, construction material

The chain saw machine is used in construction, for example, to cut deep square holes in walls or floors, to remove large stones before carving, to enter the building by the fire department and to repair the building and with minimal damage to the surrounding structure Monument with parts removed.

Recently, a concrete diamond chain saw with a 230-volt electric motor was also developed. Because the material to be cut is not fibrous, springback occurs much less.

Therefore, the most commonly used cutting method is plunge cutting, in which the tip of the blade is pushed into the material. Using this method, a square cut as small as the blade width can be achieved.

If the concrete block moves when it is almost cut through and clamps the blade, it may push back, but overall, the machine is less dangerous than a wood cutting chain saw.
diamond chain saw
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