husqvarna redi lock diamond segments shoe from the professional manufacturer

ChinShine produce series of redi lock diamond segment for husqvarna, such as diamond segment grinding shoe, PCD segment shoe, 3" inch round diamond segments, diamond polishing pad, ceramic bond diamond polishing pad.
Husqvarna diamond segment grinding shoes include: single/double arrow diamond segment shoe, double/single bar diamond shoe, diamond segment, coffin segment shoe, rhombus segment, round segments.
Husqvarna 3" Round diamond segment grinding shoe includes 5 segments grinding shoe and 10 segments grinding shoe.
Diamond Polishing pads include resin bond polishing pads and ceramic bond polishing pads.
Husqvarna PCD segment grinding shoes include round pcd grinding segment shoe, quarter round pcd shoe, split diamond segment shoe.
There is a variety of diamond grit for these floor grinding tools.
Metal grinding segment shoe grits: #16, #20, #30, #40/50, #60, #100, #120, #200...
Ceramic and resin bond polishing pads: #50(ceramic/resin), #100(ceramic/resin), #200(ceramic/resin)(ceramic), #400, #800, #1500, #3000.
By using ChinShine Husqvarna 3" round 10 seg diamond segments pads, you will get excellent life during the primary grinding steps on soft concrete floor or medium concrete floor. As an optional pad, 10 seg diamond segments can be used in both dry and wet condition. These diamond segments grinding pads leave an excellent scratching effect and work with the redi-lock adapter which can be fixed on to Husqvarna floor grinders.
No matter what level of finish you expect to get, ChinShine Husqvarna grinding shoe has developed various of tools for most materials - from the hardest concrete floor to the most soft floor. Husqvarna has built a revolutionary concept for grinding and polishing system for old and new concrete floors. Husqvarna has combined advancements in planet floor grinders, floor treatment chemicals and the newest resin diamond technique. All this is aimed to create a floor preparation system through making all concrete floors be transformed into highly abrasion-resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.
We export more than 5000 pieces of Husqvarna diamond segment shoes to Australia and European countries every month. If you need high cost-performance Husqvarna grinding segments, please contact us and our engineers will offer you the most professional suggestion. 

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