The ChinShine diamond segment grinding disc uses molten diamond technology. Its diamond segments are high-temperature diamond, not corundum abrasive for grinding discs. Diamond is the hardest substance in the world, with high hardness and sharpness, and a high removal rate of materials. In addition, a new generation of diamond segment grinding disc manufacturing technology-fusion technology can ensure that the diamond exposure is very high (up to 50%) and can still be held firmly.
The key to the long life of diamond segment grinding disc is our technology and equipment. The new generation of welding technology guarantees high-strength welding of diamond. High-performance silver brazing equipment ensures the excellent performance of diamond. This can ensure that the diamond particles wear little during use and will not fall off. The service life is greatly extended. Therefore, even single-layer diamond tools can reach hundreds of times that of ordinary diamond segment grinding disc.
best diamond grinding cup wheel for granite
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