Generally speaking, diamond core drill bits have saved many workers from the pressure. Unfortunately, many people do confuse traditional drilling methods by using diamond core drill bit. Not only can it encourage movement while drilling, but also it can drilling up to 20 inches in diameter, even some can reach 64inch, and diamond core drill bit can drill up to 100mm depth in just 2 minutes.
Features of diamond core drill bits
Let us briefly check the characteristics of diamond core drill bit.
1. Easy to drill large reinforced concrete.
Wet drilling condition is one of the best uses for diamond core drill bits. When drilling in wet conditions, the diamond core drill bit is not easy to overheat, because overheating may cause damage and the diamond core bit segments maybe drop down during cutting. 
This is the opposite of dry diamond core drill bit. In addition, there are some special diamond core drill bits, which can only be drilled in wet conditions to get the best results.
2. Highly durable
Due to its hardness and toughness, the working life of diamond core drill bit is quite long. After adequate maintenance of the diamond core drill bit, it means less defects (such as breakage). 
3. Maximum cutting speed and heavy drilling wear.
Unlike the time-consuming setup and overwhelming traditional drilling methods, most diamond core drill bit companies have technically improved their diamond core drill bits. If you place your hands on a higher concentration of diamond drills up to 1 1/4-7 UNC, you don't need to worry about speed, because it only takes 3 minutes to drill through a 21/2 inch diameter.

Moreover, you can choose different bond and diamond segment shapes for your projects, you can consult the diamond core drill bit suppliers about the difference, such as Aero diamond segment, Arix diamond core drill bits, roof turbo diamond core drill bits, etc.
diamond core drill bits
9 tips for diamond core drill bits
There are nine facts you should know about diamond core drill bits:
1. Ideal for household and industrial use
Are you new to drill or do you just need a hole for plumbing, masonry, or a small hole for a specific purpose? You don't need to call an expert or get rigorous training. Diamond core drill bits are easy to install, even self-explanatory. For example, when you buy a diamond core drill bit from ChinShine diamond tool Company, you can visit our web page for instructional tips on how to use diamond core drill bits.
2. Low maintenance cost
Didn't you even know that diamond core drill bits are manufactured by self-sharpening? During the entire drilling process, most diamond core drill bits remain sharp. However, if your drilling parameters are not correctly aligned with the material you are drilling, the diamond on the surface of diamond segments may be worn away but the matrix will not be worn away. The good news is that re-sharpening is a simple process.
3. Drill holes at a smaller angle for best performance
If you want to drill a ceramic or natural stone, you can use a diamond core drill bit without traditional drilling knowledge. After the diamond core bit is inserted, tilt the core bit slightly, and then slowly return the core bit to the vertical position. It can make it last for a long time, and it can optimize the work speed. This method is probably the most effective sturdy pottery when drilling holes.

4. Suitable for wet drilling
You may not always have to drill a dry concrete or wall. Sometimes, you will have to drill holes on wet ground and even add water or any other fluid additives during the drilling process. 
This wetting method really helps to reduce the torque of the material you are cutting. Working on wet ground does not require much labor, you may not need a strong diamond core drill bit. Choose the correct diamond core drill bit from a well-known manufacturer, such as ChinShine from China, or you can consult a professional technician to guide you in choosing the right diamond core drill bit.
5. Trouble-free drilling of heavy concrete
For most craftsmen or using traditional methods for drilling, the use of heavy reinforced concrete has always proven to be a difficult task. However, when using diamond core drill bits, this should not be a problem. All you need to do is to obtain a diamond core drill bit that will not quickly fall off on the hard concrete rock. Once you put your hand on a good hand, you will not only get the best results, but also enjoy the drilling process.
6. Uneven proportions of diamonds
Diamond core drill bits are strong and very hard, because the percentage of cuttings passing through the diamond core drill bit is high in the production method. This cross-subdivision method of diamonds has gone a long way to ensure that every diamond core drill bit produced does not wear out quickly. The manufacturing process of a diamond core drill bit involves welding by using a hot press sintering method and a brazing method. This process makes it possible to arrange a multi-layered waterway that increases the height of the substrate, so that the life and efficiency of the diamond core drill bit can be improved.
7. The metal-bonded diamond core drill bit is suitable for hard materials.
If you want to drill hard materials, it is recommended that you choose a metal-bonded diamond core drill bit. Because metal diamond core drill bits with sintered diamonds. The metal bonded diamond core drill bit is a combination of different sintered/hot pressed metal alloys. The only reason for this combination is to achieve the best cutting performance on hard materials such as concrete, glass, optics, granite, marble, ceramics, and ceramic tiles. The metal bond holding the diamond must be worn uniformly and continuously so that the diamond is constantly exposed to cut the controversial material. The working life is the longest nowdays.
8. The electroplated diamond core drill bit generates less heat during the drilling process.
If you are looking for tools with more freedom of drilling rigs, faster drilling speed, and least heat generation, then the electroplated diamond core drill bit will provide you with a good service. However, they perform better with softer materials than harder materials. Using them for harder materials will reduce their durability. The electroplated diamond core drill bits are used on marble, glass, ceramic mostly.
9. Hybrid Bonded Diamond Core drill Bits are most suitable for critical surface treatment.
Hybrid-bonded diamond core drill bits are most suitable for critical surface treatments. In addition, they also have high drilling speed, consistency, durability and aggressiveness. In drilling projects that require minimal grinding, chip removal, grinding, etc., hybrid-bonded diamond core drill bits are your best choice.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
We have provided answers to some difficult questions of our customers. Here are some of them.
What are the materials that are not suitable for diamond core drill bits?
In view of its hard and flexible characteristics, you can use diamond core drill bits on a variety of strong materials. However, if you want to use them on soft materials, you may need to adjust the speed or use a lower RPM device. In addition, if you want to get a good effect, you also need to consider the RPM and speed level. Through the inspection of these two characteristics, the diamond core drill bit is suitable for a variety of materials. Such as wood, plastic, etc.
Considering its wear resistance, how do I consider an excellent diamond core drill bit?
As long as you drill the material that matches the function of the diamond core drill bit, you don't have to worry too much about the wear resistance of the diamond core drilll bit. On the plus side, diamond hollow drills wear uniformly, which is similar to dressing or grinding diamond hollow drills into a certain shape. This single function also makes them both practical and durable. All bore drills have a tendency to wear, but only good bore drills wear evenly.
Which diamond core drill bits can I use for hard materials?
Are you a newbie or a veteran of drilling? Choosing the right diamond core drill bit is one of the most important decisions you have to make. We also know that it may be difficult for you because there are many factors to consider, such as ground hardness, ground abrasion, rock variability, fragmented rock and so on. Well, solid materials require core drills. In this regard, diamond core drill bits are quite reliable. However, we recommend that you buy them from reputable manufacturers.
Where can I get the best diamond core drill bit?
Of course, this is a very good question. If you have an excellent diamond core drill bit, then you will love every aspect of the drilling process, and you will get the desired results. Dare to talk about any company that produces such products, ChinShine will be the first company. We have created a series of diamond core drill bits to ensure the best performance in drilling operations. Most house builders and craftsmen recommend our products for drilling operations, from soft concrete to heavy hard reinforced concrete.
Summary and conclusion
Do you know why you need to drill a diamond core hole the next time you drill? Obtaining the right product can be difficult because there are a large number of drilling products that do not meet the standards. We know that every drilling tool has its purpose, which is why ChinShine creates drilling tools for the corresponding drilling services. It is soft stone or high-strength concrete, we have covered.
ChinShine diamond tools have won the trust of the world because our products have enabled skilled and even experienced operators to work more efficiently and easily in all aspects.

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