General safety tips for circular saw and diamond blade

Wear a dust mask-Wear a dust mask to prevent dust from entering your mouth or nose. Dust paper is also ideal for keeping the room clean and suitable for indoor work.
Wear goggles-dust can always be generated, but the diamond segments and materials may also chip, this is the last thing you want to fly into unprotected goggles.
If using a diamond wire saw, make sure that the diamond wire rope is not in the way and cannot be cut by the saw.
Make sure that the surface you are working on is stable and does not tilt when cutting.

Don't support your material from both sides
For example, if you are cutting wood; make sure you do not support it at both ends. If both ends are supported and you cut in the middle, the boards will fall. This is dangerous because the plank may accidentally hit you when it falls, but the material may also be destroyed.

Set the correct depth
Make sure that the depth of the diamond blade is set correctly, as if it is too deep, the diamond blade will be more exposed, which means you have more opportunities to cut yourself too deep and cut the material behind the material to be cut. Not only that, if the diamond saw blade is too deep, the saw will recoil, which is very dangerous.

Check the diamond blade
Make sure that the blade to be cut is not chipped or cracked. If so, please do not use it, otherwise it may even crack or even break during the entire use process, thereby increasing the risk of personal injury.

Check saw
Before using the circular saw, perform a few spot checks to make sure everything looks and works as expected. The lower diamond blade guard must retract smoothly and rebound when released. Make sure that the diamond blade(or diamond segment) is not chipped or broken teeth. It is always unsafe to cut with a broken blade or a blade with broken teeth, because the diamond blade may break even more when cutting with a blade. Check to make sure that the battery is fully charged, otherwise, your circular saw will not work or will not work for a long time. Make sure you don't want the on/off button to be in the off state, because you don't want the saw to start immediately after it is inserted.

f. Why diamond core drill bits and segments broken?

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