The meaning of diamond core drill bits seems a bit vague. Diamond core drill bits are powerful diamond tools for drilling hard materials in concrete filed. These materials include asphalt, road, concrete, granite, glass and other hard materials, regardless of density and thickness.
For delicate work or general purpose, even direct penetration of hard materials, diamond core drill bits are the diamond tools needed to obtain a smooth and flexible work experience.
The best diamond core drill bit must be sharpened automatically, so we must maintain its sharpness throughout the drilling process. The best techniques needed to help sharpen the core bits are:
thin wet diamond core drill bits
1. Choose the right diamond core dirll bit parameter
It is very important to choose the correct diamond core dirll bit parameter. The features of the cutting materials will determine the type of drill bit that you should use. However, some diamond core drill bits used to drill different types of materials are functionally versatile. But you should also know that every drilling process has a specific kind of diamond core drill bit to use. For example, diamond core drill bits for granite, diamond core drill bits for glass, concrete diamond core drill bits, tile drill bits, metal and steel drill bits.
Never forget that your working style will also tell you how long a sharp bit can be kept during drilling. Many drilling methods can make your drill bit dull. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain a perfect working method, which should keep your diamond core drill bit sharp during the entire drilling process.
Just like "You can never tell what benefits a hunter gains from silence while hunting", you can't use the drill in the right way to keep a sharp diamond core drill bit and know what time and energy you have. When using diamond core drill bits, always know that your drill bit is second to none.
Choosing the right diamond core drill bit parameters also plays an important role in obtaining a reasonable drilling speed and excellent drilling performance.
2. Remove the residue in the gap of the diamond core drill bit
One of the characteristics of professional workers are the ability to maintain a clean and safe working environment. The cleaner the working environment, the more reliable and comfortable the next work on the ground.
Remove residue from the drilling surface to avoid a slow drilling process. The residue will hit the sharp edges of the drill bit, causing wear. This method is a poor drilling method and keeps the bit sharp during the entire drilling process.
Note: A safe working environment must be clean and free of any form of residue.
3. Add silica sand to the drill hole
Sand is naturally made of silica, which is not news. More specifically, silica sand can be poured into the drill hole to provide greater grip and avoid glaze formation on the diamond core drill bit. Usually the amount of silica sand poured into the bore hole is exactly the amount required to keep the tool running during cutting.
The diamond segments also helps to avoid wear of the drill bit. After contacting the sand in the drilled hole, control the speed of the core drill bit.
best diamond core drill bit for concrete
4. Increase WOB for temporary diamond core drill bits
Weight on bit (WOB) increased by 15% to 20% .The core bit pressure or force exerted on the bit must be as small as possible while maintaining a reasonable penetration rate. As you move forward, you must apply about 15% to 20% strength by weight on the drill bit. In order to achieve a reasonable cutting speed, you must work hard to perfectly combine the rotation speed and pressure of the drill bit.
5. Low-speed rotating diamond core drill bit
You will be pleased to know that some diamond core drill bits are more resistant to high temperatures than ordinary core drill bits. Most core drills used to cut reinforced concrete run at high speeds. Therefore, they can be used to cut through stainless steel and pebble stone, as well as any other hard materials. But keep in mind that the brittleness of diamond core drill bits is much lower than that of standard low-speed rotating core bits. Therefore, it does not need to be replaced more frequently. They are also more economical than any other type of drill bit.
6. Reduce the water flow on the core drill bit
Diamond core bit segment is one of the best drilling techniques to keep the drill as sharp as possible. Diamond core drill bits can be used to update or remodel the bathroom. It may also be valuable when redesigning kitchen decorations. No matter what bit you want to drill with a diamond bit, when using this bit, the main thing to pay attention to is
-Take water from the edge of the diamond bit.
-Keep the wet cutting with diamond core drill bit.
When drilling glass fiber, it is very necessary to control the flow of water. Whether you are using a concrete core bit, a diamond bit for glass or a diamond bit for granite, this technique is also applicable.
Note: The drilling process can be carried out with or without water, but make sure that the surface of the diamond bit is wet.
Reducing water flow allows you to control the drilling process so that the drill bit remains sharp throughout the process.
Remember, your drill bit needs to mix the water correctly to degrade the glazed material and slow down the drilling speed.
7. Still unable to improve the diamond core drill bit
After completing the above operations, if you still cannot sharpen the diamond core drill bit, I would rather tell you to repeat the above steps. The above techniques have provided you with the best method to maintain diamond core drill bits to achieve a long-term effective drilling system. In order to obtain higher productivity during the cutting, reduce downtime, extend working life, you need to find the most suitable tool for your job.
Generally speaking, if you do not check the quality of the diamond core drill bit carefully and test the comfort of the grip, you will not buy a tool, such as a concrete diamond saw blade or diamond wire, but reality also applies to diamond core drill bits. If you find it difficult to sharpen your core drill bit, you should know some necessary recommendations. These suggestions will serve as a guide to prevent burning or damage to your drill.
Also, remember that there is a direct relationship between drilling parameters and other factors in drilling. The drilling parameters are related to the hardness of concrete and the diameter of the equipment used. Knowing how to adjust drilling machine has great advantages. Knowing this can help drillers improve drilling performance in difficult drilling situations.
Try to repeat the above steps and find the best way.
Personnel involved in any diamond core drill bit must be cautious during cutting the reinforced concrete. In order not to distort the sharpness of the core drill bit, this statement is very important.
The design of the diamond core drill bit and its diamond segment have not been changed much. They may differ in the quality of the materials used to make them, such as diamond, cobalt and other metal powder.
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