As client request from America, ChinShine design and make diamond milling wheel for his concrete works, the following emails show how we make the diamond milling wheel.


American client Mr. Chris:
I am considering this diamond milling wheel for use in some of the equipment that I manufacture. Can you provide some more photos and details of how this diamond grinding milling wheel is currently used?


It is used for flatening the stone, you can set a level of the stone surface which you need it to be, and make the bumps and hollows within certain level.
What is the purpose for you to find such wheel? For what kind of surface? On concrete?

American client Mr. Chris:

I currently build many types of surface preparation equipment and road grinding machines.
I build a machine now that cuts shallow slots in the road surface for recessed reflective pavement markers.
There are two basic cuts that I make.
1.  Cut in asphalt and concrete.   Cut is 5, 6 to 8 inches wide.  Cut is 5/8 inch to 3/4" deep.  Cut is 60" and up to 96" long.
    A reflective pavement marker is glued at the center of the slot.
    I would stack your diamond milling wheels to make the various widths.  The cut in asphalt would likely be a dry cut.  In concrete it would be wet cut.
2.  Cut in asphalt and concrete.  Cut is 7 to 8 inches wide.  This would be a plunge cut.  Blades go straight down and this raised back up.  It would require
    1 blade 20" diameter x 3/4" wide, 3 or 4 blades 18" diameter x 1" wide, and 1 loop diamond blade 20" diameter x 3/4" wide.  The cut would be 1 1/4" deep on the 20" loop diamond blades.
    This is for a cast iron frame reflective pavement marker.
I see that the diamond grinding milling wheel has a plastic center.   Could that be a steel center?  I see that the bore is a thru hole.  Could that be a 3" diameter with a keyway?
How are the diamonds attached?  Can you send be a closeup view of the diamond attachment?  Very close please.
I currently use conventional diamond saw blades to make this cut.  


We have several American and Australian customers who bought this loop diamond saw blade (see attachment) for their jobs as concrete is widely used. This blade can be used singly or several pieces work together abreast. 


Please see to the golden milling wheel. Usually it is not used for cutting, it is used for milling on the surface and the level is not much, only 1-3mm. We can design formula for you according to the application of cutting concrete or asphalt.


The diamond segments for the above loop blade and diamond milling wheel are welded by silver solder. 


If you need any design of holes on the blade or milling wheel, it is necessary to provide drawing. 


Please let us know if you have any question, waiting for your reply, thank you.
diamond grinding milling wheel

The following photo is loop diamond blade
loop diamond saw blade, tuckpointed blade

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