Stone industry in recent years with the central government to implement a resource-saving and sustainable development, the deepening of the economic strategy of the cycle, our stone mining eliminate waste, improve out of wood, promotion of advanced mining methods and mining equipment become an urgent need solve the problem. At present, the loudest voices in our general promotion of the diamond wire, quiet years of stone mining machinery industry has made significant breakthroughs since 2005, the most prominent manifestation is the localization of diamond wire saw. Almost the same time, Shanghai Morgan, Henan whirlwind weapon Quanzhou, Xiamen ChinShine source companies launched their own diamond wire saw, plus the original R & D earlier Guangdong Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources of Exploration Machine factories and other enterprises, diamond wire saw market competition suddenly become intense. This phenomenon indicates that behalf or with the the Chinese stone mines popularity of diamond wire saw time has come to bring revolutionary advances which will raise the level of the stone mining.

diamond wire saw for granite marble stone
Application of diamond wire saw mining stone abroad have been 30 years of history, early wire saw for cutting soft stone mining marble mines in the world within the wire saw process has been very mature. After wire saw for granite and other hard stone, beaded rope manufacturers and mining enterprises long-term unremitting efforts, with a rope saws mining granite technology becomes more mature, wire saw can be widely used in granite, sandstone and other various on the hardness of the stone mining, product quality is getting higher and higher, the cost is getting lower and lower, has become a worldwide trend.
Mining method compared to application wire saw machine the advantages of the traditional stone mining blasting + flame cutting, wire saw mining granite has the following advantages:
1. Wide adaptability, applicable to all types of mine wire saw, flame cutting only applies to the high quartz content of less fractured granite mines.
2. Strong function, high efficiency, first mined deep, can reach l0 ~ 20m even deeper, flame cutting is generally less than 10m; Second cutting speed, generally 3 to 4m2 / h, flame cutting 2 to 3 times.
3. Rope sawing can be performed each direction of the vertical, horizontal, slant cutting, but also for blind cutting, flame cutting can only be the vertical plane of cutting.
4 high-yield, low comprehensive cost, very flat and not be the first wire saw cut blocks to cause any internal injuries, followed kerf small, only about 11mm, will not cause the waste of resources; the flame cutting facets rough, and blocks caused some internal injuries, and saw kerf, generally 100 ~ 300mm, resulting in a great waste of resources, and mining costs.
Safety and environmental protection, exploitation of diamond wire saws no noise no dust does not affect nearby residents and other work surface, and a high degree of automation, the manipulation of separate workers low labor intensity, safe; flame cutting noise and dust are very large, serious impact on nearby residents and other workers' jobs, and workers in labor-intensive, relatively low security. In summary, the increasing scarcity of resources, the surge in oil prices today, mining granite wire saw has a significant economic and social benefits.
Constraints diamond wire saw production factors of the application, although the application of diamond wire saws mining traditional mining methods can not match advantage, but in the actual production application of new diamond wire saw has a series of technical difficulties, including high cutting efficiency long life, low price and high reliability. Diamond wire saw is a relatively fragile and easy to damage the system must make it the weakest link in the chain as a ring as much as possible to strengthen the reliability of the diamond wire saw is a great problem. The rope saw the damage will lead to the failure of the entire tool, or greatly reduce its life, which have a huge impact on the tool design and production of diamond wire saw.

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