What is the stone cutting segment?

ChinShine makes different stone cutting segment used to cut different stone. Because different stone has its own different characteristics, so we have to design the stone cutting segment according to the characteristics of stone. So as to achieve a good cutting effect of stone.


Gang saw stone cutting segment


1. Gang saw diamnd segment is for the processing of marble, limestone and other soft stone and other large-size stone sheet cutting. With high precision, high efficiency characteristics.

2. Good cutting effect: stable cutting, smooth cutting surface and the size is stable.

3. Small cutting noise, small stone cutting gap to make the use of stone and the thickness of the maximum. 


Single saw blade granite cutting segment


1. Mainly used for the cutting of granite blocks. With high cutting efficiency, high precision, long life characteristics.

2. Cutting plate flatness, cutting smooth, low noise.

3. Cutting stability, cutting groove narrow, save stone. 


Multi saw blade stone cutting segment


1. It is for multi-blade combination, the different size blade combination.

2. With sharpness, multi blades cutting synchronization, high efficiency, save electricity power and other characteristics. 


Stone Mine cutting segment, quarry use


1. Mainly used for granite mine cutting.

2. With cutting efficiency, energy saving, long life and other characteristics. 


Sandstone stone cutting segment


1. Mainly used for a variety of sandstone mining, blocks cutting. Sharp cutting, long life.

2. Cutting sandstone plate flat, cutting slot narrow, save stone, stable cutting, low noise.

3. M-type diamond segment, it is easy and rapid for sharping edge of segment. 

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