3 Inch Ceramic Bond Hybird Transitional Polishing Pads for Concrete 

3 Inch Ceramic bond hybird transitional polishing pad is using diamond and resin as abrasive, its bonding strength is between metal bonding and resion bonding. It creates better gloss on concrete floors, natural stone, granite, engineered or manufactured stone, quartz surfaces, marble, terrazzo and porcelain tile or slab etc.  With high speed and good softness, it is an ideal floor grinding tool which is widely used in the markets.

– Ceramic bond structure can removes scratches left behind by metal-bond diamonds to prepare concrete for polishing shortly, it effectively reduces polishing time.
– Single-step removal of metal scratches dramatically reduces labor cost, so as to increase the working efficiency.
– Extra sharpness, long life and better gloss, stable performance, especially when working on harder concrete.
– Available Grits: 30, 50, 100, 200,400.
– Use wet or dry.

Pad Materials
– Resin+Diamond

Additional Information
– Female hook & loop backing.

–Connecting between angle grinders and polishing pads

3 inch ceramic polishing pad for concrete floor


•  Product Qualities
•  New designed concrete floor polishing pads, can be used dry or wet.
•  A wonderful transition from metals to resin.
•  Extra longer lifetime than traditional resin bond pad
•  Works effeciently on different concretes

•  Can achieve good polishing result and better gloss
•  Extra sharpness
•  8mm-12mm height



Why buy 3 inch ceramic hybird polishing pads from ChinShine?

* ChinShine 3 inch ceramic hybird polishing pads have been market tested, we have got positive feedbacks from our customers worldwide, the quality level is same as Japan polishing pad.

* Compared with most suppliers, we could ensure that our grinding efficiency  is increased  at least by 20%.

* 24 hours response.

* Professional technical support and solution.

* Direct communication with engineers.

* Best after-sale service. 



If we want to buy your 3 inch ceramic hybird polishing pads, how could we know the quality?

Please buy our ceramic hybird polishing pads with a small quantity first, test the quality and our service, it will be much better for our long term cooperation. For small quantity, you don’t need to take risk in case the quality doesn’t fit your market, moreover, we offer sample discount to sincere clients for ease of use.


With years of hard study and adopting quality diamond crystal, our experienced technicians had worked out hundreds of mature formulas for all kinds of working conditions. For different materials, we have enough correspondent formulas for the tools for polishing and grinding.

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