ChinShine quarter round PCD grinding cup wheel for floor surface preparation are designed with a large quarter round PCD chunk providing fast production and a much longer lifespan.These cup wheels are excellent for removing epoxy and elastomeric coatings.

The advantages of the PCD products are that they will not load up or smear the coating like a traditional diamond cup wheel. The PCD segment scrapes and rips the coating from the surface. The quarter round PCD grinding cup wheel for floor surface preparation is designed for contractors looking to control costs but still wants a highly productive product.

ChinShine PCD grinding cup wheel is use on angle grinder or planetary to remove glue,asphalt and wallpaper on the roof,wall and board.Remove expoxy on the floor when it is equpped on the floor grinding machine.
1.Easily remove 1-3mm epoxy coatings,they are well suited to effcient bumpy concrete surfaces.
2.High superior hardness,high fracture strength and uniformed properties.
3.With different type and size meet many customer's needs.
4.Good after-sale service and good quality.

Quarter round PCD grinding cup wheel for floor surface preparation

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