Vacuum brazed is a unique single-layer diamond and cubic boron nitride tool manufacturing technology that has many advantages in producing customized carving bit for the marble, granite industries.
With vacuum brazed technology, a special adhesive is used in order to manufacture diamond carving bit in a vacuum chamber at high temperatures.

The main advantages of ChinShine vacuum brazing diamond carving bit are:

The flexibility of the manufacturing process allows us to manufacture small batches of products including vacuum brazed diamond carving bit at reasonable prices.
Possibility to place diamonds selectively. This allows vaccum brazed diamond carving bit to be produced where the application requires different concentrations of superabrasives.
It is possible to use tools of different granularity and quality to create tools on the same tool, so that new types of tools can be manufactured.
The ability to vary the concentration and depth of superabrasive embodiments can produce optimal, cool-running, free-grind tools with higher load factors.

All shapes of diamond carving bit, diamond engrave bit , electroplated diamond carving bits and PCD carving bits are available.

ChinShine also have vacuum brazed grinding wheels of various shapes, cutting discs and diamond core dirll bit for granite and marble industry. Please click if you need them.
Diamond vacuum brazed carving bit
Diamond vacuum brazed engraving bit

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