ChinShine Dry vacuum brazed diamond core bits are the best choice for ceramic, marble, glass, porcelain and granite.
The ChinShine vacuum brazed diamond core drill bit is clean, dry and free of debris. M14, 1 3/8'' and other thread types are available.

This is the best vacuum brazing diamond core bit, because it can be used in wet and dry, with minimal debris, even the dekton/sintered stone can be cut.

ChinShine vacuum brazed drill core bits are designed for drilling hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, porcelain, marble, granite, and stone. You can also drill holes, such as stoneware, glazed clinker, and hard roof tiles. ChinShine Dry Vacuum Brazed Core Bits allow a drilling depth of 2 1/2" (60mm) and a total length of 3 1/2" (90mm).
The ChinShine Dry vacuum brazed core drill bit can operate between 3,000-11,000 rpm and is suitable for all types of ceramics, porcelain, marble, and granite.
Vacuum brazing on the inside and outside of the barrel, and two 2 1/2" vacuum brazing on the outer barrel to obtain a full drilling depth.
This special Vacuum Brazed diamond technology allows simple, hands-free and clean drilling on angle grinders. The vacuum diamond coating can quickly drill extremely clean, chip-free holes.
Designed for fast and efficient coring
The high concentration of exposed diamond ensures long tool life
Side windows ensure easy evacuation of carrot
The two sided wrench flat ensures effortless install and removal
Adaptors are available for CNC and drill press machines

Buy Vacuum brazed diamond hole saw core drill bit for marble porcelain dry drilling of any diameter from ChinShine, please contact us to get the latest price!
vacuum brazed  diamond core drill bit for ceramic porcelain
buy the best vacuum brazed glass ceramic core bits from China professional supplier


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