The 600mm diamond segment is a great choice for cutting basal. Basalt is a kind of hard stone, our basalt segment and basalt blades have been using in our province, we have hard basalt called Fuding Black(G684). To make the 24"(600mm) basalt diamond segments sharp enough, ChinShine uses the best diamonds crystal which are imported from Australia and America.

Segment Size:  40*4.8*12mm ,the segment height could be 15mm or 20mm
Segment Type: Sandwich
Segment Qty:
42pcs per set
Diameter: 24inch ,24",  600mm
Cutting Materials: hard basalt
Bond: soft to hard according to cut different basalt
Custom Made: YES
Packing: hard paper case and wooden box outside

600mm diamond basalt segments

We accept custom made order according to your needs, the basalt diamond segment height could be in size 10mm, 12m, 15mm, etc. The advantage of our basalt segment is smooth and fast cutting, no chip, long lifespan
.For more pictures or technique support, please email or call us, thanks.

We are responsible diamond segments manufacturer and always strict to the quality. We have various formula for the diamond segments for different area and countries, although our diamond segments have been tested successfully in many countries, but If customers are not satisfied with the quality or its life, we can still make another sets of segment to them as free, the formula of the new segment will be adjusted according to customers' comment(overcome the fault of your manual operation and the improper machinery operation).

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