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If you had ever used the diamond blades from Hubei companies(China province), Jiangsu companies (China province) and ChinShine company, you will notice the huge chasm of rub proofness and lifespan among them, it is an important reflection on the quality, and that is the reason why our prices are higher than theirs.

The main unit of diamond tools is diamond which acts a role of cutting and abrasion. Diamond powder is the most expensive synthesized material for producing diamond tools, its quality affects the price and quality of the diamond tools. The price of good quality diamond is several times higher than normal one. Actually normal or bad diamond should be called diamond grit, its colour and lustre is not translucent and vivid while good diamond is big grit and bright. To make sure the quality is stable and superior, Chinshine always uses first class diamond yet recycled and low quality diamond never used.

Moreover, to reduce cost, many manufactories from Ezhou City(Hubei Province) and Danyang city(Jiangsu Province) decrease the diamond content in the diamond blade segments, and this is an important reason that the diamond blade is not wearable and long life. Most of their diamond tools are exported to Indian and Middle East Countries. We can observe the content and quality of diamond under a microscope, please see to the picture as below.

When buying diamond tools, please pay more attention to those whose prices are much lower than normal, maybe the factories just use low quality diamond and decrease the content. You should be aware that the diamond blades that you are going to buy may not be able to cut stone or it run out in a short time.

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