Diamond is a super-hard material that acts as a cutting and grinding edge.The diamond segment is composed of metal elemental powder or metal alloy powder. In China, different compositions of powder are called formulas. According to different application, the formula and metal powder are different. The diamond segment is the main function as diamond saw blade. ChinShine diamond tools use premium-quality diamond powder, cobalt, copper, etc.

After 20 years of scientific research and practical experience, ChinShine owns many formulars of diamond segment with the advantages of sharpness, fast cutting speed, wear resistance, and easy welding.

Suggestion for Choosing the Granite Diamond Segment:
1.Please tell us the hardness of granite and the color of granite stone. When we get your information, our engineer will make the formula of the segment.
2.Please inform us the diamond granite segment size (L x W x H).It’s better to inform us the steel core thickness and the diameter of saw blade)
3.If possible, Please tell us the power of the machine, we will give our advice of cutting speed, cutting depth, the linear speed and so on.
4.If you have any special requirements about the delivery time and other things, please feel free to contact us.

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