1000mm, 1200mm or larger diamond saw blades, single or multi-blades, silent or non-silents, these stone diamond saw blades are our advantage tools, they can be cut granite, marble or other natural stone. ChinShine use the best steel blade cores can be retipped diamond segments for over 10 times.

Large silent diamond saw blade could be in 1000mm, 1200mm, 1300mm, 1400mm and 1600mm, they are popular in Northern Europe, such as Finland, Austria, etc.

ChinShine has much experience to produce large diameter diamond saw blades with top quality. We offer great buys on 1000mm, 1200mm silent diamond saw blade, the raw material steel is imported from Germany. If in right use, our blade blank can be recycle-used for over 10 times while the blade blanks from other Chinese companies can be used for approximate 5 times only. It actually save production cost for stone factories. Besides, the quality of diamond segments for large diameter diamond saw blades are better than normal diamond segments.
silent 1200mm diamond multi saw blades for granite
In our companies, professional and skilled workers are employed to do the job of welding, we adopt the newest technique to weld every piece  welding, and each individual diamond segment undergoes tests to make sure that they are solidly fused to the saw blade blanks. The 1200mm 1000mm diamond saw blade is then tensioned by hand to make sure it runs straight, accurate and true, and carefully sharpened to perfection for fast cutting even under tough conditions.
Other large stone diamond saw blades are available in diameter ranging from 1000mm up to 3500mm, they can be used for cutting marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone and travertine blocks.
For different cutting purpose, the stone silent or non-silent diamond saw blades are used as single blade, multi-blade and bridge saw multi-blade. Please inform us about the type of saw machine and cutting materials when place an order.
2000mm large diamond saw blade welding

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