Related Name: Arix diamond saw blade, best diamond saw blade for granite
Saw Blade Diameter: 16 inch or 400mm
Segment Size: 24*3.5*20 mm
Segment Type: arix segment
Segment Quantity: 28 pcs per blade
Cutting Object: Hard Granite
Weld: High frequency
Custom Made: YES
Packing: hard paper case and wooden box
 400mm best arix granite diamond saw blade
Experiments have shown that under the same matrix formulation and process conditions, the sawing efficiency of the arix diamond saw blade is 20%-30% higher than that of the regular diamond saw blade, and the arix cutting speed is as high as 7m/min or more.

The cutting performance of different arix diamond saw blades is different, the best arix diamond saw blades are arranged in an orderly manner, which can significantly improve the cutting sharpness and increase the working life. The adoption and promotion of arix diamond saw blades in the diamond tool industry is of great significance.
 Arix diamond saw blades have absolute advantages in cutting hard granite and other stones. Our granite arix diamond saw blades are very popular in America, Australia and Europe because of their premium quality, fast cutting and favorable prices.

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Fast cutting 400mm Arix diamond granite cutting saw blade
Fast cutting 400mm Arix d
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