Newly design cheap Cassani diamond grinding shoe for concrete and stone

ChinShine Cassani diamond grinding shoe is a newly designed product. Our R&D team has been in cooperation with local famous university professors for half a year to develop this Cassani diamond grinding shoe. And we have applied for  a patent on this product. Compared with traditional Cassani diamond grinding shoe, our product features  higher efficiency and more stable performances. With exquisite plastic injection technology, our Cassani diamond grinding shoe has a excellent bonding for diamond segments, as well as low price and environmental performance.
ChinShine Cassani diamond grinding shoe can be used for grinding concrete and terrazo floor and polishing stone surfaces,characterized by high grinding efficiency, low price and eco-friendly. Our R&D team is committed to developing more high-quality products for our customers!

By the way, Cassani grinding shoe can also called diamond grinding pads or diamond grinding plate for Cassani, it is very popular in Pakistan ,we export them to Pakistan and Europe mostly. Welcome to buy the Cassani grinding pads from ChinShine!

Applied Equipment  : Cassani floor grinders

          Bond                 : Soft, Medium, Hard

           Grit                   : 16#, 24#, 36#, 46#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 150#, 180#, 240#,etc.

     Application           :  Grinding concrete and terrazzo floor, polishing stone surface
Cassani diamond grinding shoe

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