Buy edco diamond tooling and concrete floor diamond grinding block for Edco grinder machine

Chinshine provides a full line of concrete grinding diamond tooling that can fit for any floor grinders, such as Edco, Husqvarna, HTC, werkmaster, Lavina, Pre Master, Levetec and so on. Since we are in pursuit of good quality, more and more company choose our concrete grinding diamonds now. Our diamond grinding blocks for Edco floor grinders are designed to:

    * Remove floor coatings

    * Smooth rough surfaces

    * Level high spots

    * Remove surface imperfections in concrete and terrazzo floors

The backing block and wooden wedge to securely fasten and align the blocks on your machine.

Segments: 4 segments of 50 x 10 x 13mm

Packaging: 3 pieces diamond block and 3 pieces wood wedges


Arbor Size: Universal fittings w/ (4) 3/8" Threaded Bolt Holes

Equipment: Fits Edco, Diamond Product, Husqvarna floor grinders.

Grinding Method: Wet or dry

Welcome buy diamond tooling and diamond grinding block for edco grinder, good price with high quality!
Diamond grinding block for Edco floor grinder

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