The best diamond dry core drill bit for concrete is adopt the arix technology with laser welding method. Dry core drill bit always need fast and safe cutting, it is popular in Europe. ChinShine diamond dry core drill bits with high diamond concentration(arix diamond segment), for a faster coring and longer life. They are easy to handle, lightweight, and are very comfortable to work with. 
Usually, the length of dry core drill bit is 450mm, and the height of its diamond segments is 10mm, it is suitable for concrete,brick coring.

ChinShine dry diamond core bits feature:

1. Good for concrete and bricks etc.
2. Silver or laser welding.
3. Arix diamond segment or turbo segments are suggested.
4. Various diameter and length are available.
5. Connection: 1-1/4 UNC, G1/2, M41 and other thread.
6. Quality has been approved by European & American market for many years.
7. Quite suitable for Hilti and other name brand core drill.
4 and 5 inch/127mm dry core drill bits are hot sell.
Best Hilti 4 diamond dry core drill bit for concrete

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