Welding: Laser welding
Diameter: 9 inch/230mm , other diameters are available 100mm/115mm/125mm/150mm/180mm, etc.
Saw Machine: Angle grinder
Cutting: Concrete
Segment Type: turbo diamond segment, normal diamond segment, arix segments
Advantages: safe cutting, segments would not drop down during cutting, fast and long life cutting disc, it is 3 times longer life than hot and cold press diamond cutting disc.

Laser welding diamond cutting disc is one of the best discs for concrete cutting, it is for fast & reliable concrete, brick Cutting, compatible with all kinds of angle grinders. Stronger laser welding diamond segments combines aggressive and sharp cutting ability. 
Steel core is made from high alloy, heat-treated steel. ensuring complicated cuts as well as a disc operation that is characterized by smoothness and a low level of vibrations. It is for Hard and Continuous use by professionals in construction, concrete fabrication and general maintenance workers.
best concrete 9 inch 230mm diamond cutting disc

150mm concrete diamond cutting disc


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