ChinShine produce quality diamond fickert for grinding and polishing granite slabs. Diamond fickert is a bond of diamond particles and metal powder or metallic compound powder. It is designed for grinding and polishing the surface of various kinds of stone slabs in automatic polishing lines. It has the feature of high working efficiency and long service life.

ChinShine Diamond Fickert Specifications

Type Water groove Grit Segment height
L130 With or Without #30, #40, #50, #60 #80, #120, #230 11mm 13mm 15mm 20mm


buy stone grinding and polishing tools diamond fickert

Strongpoint of Using Diamond Fickert

1. Saving electricity
The diamond fickert can be used to grind stone with less power consumption because of its sharpness. Its sharpness functions to reduce the stress of grind head, thereby reduces the machine's abrasion and stone material's dilapidation.

2. High efficiency
Using the diamond polishing brick can raise the transmission speed of conveyer belt; thereby improve the polishing efficiency for its sharpness and abrasion resistance.

3. High stone glossiness
Using a diamond fickert can increase the stone glossiness by more than 10 degrees. Manufactured based on advanced technology, the diamond polishing brick can totally avoid the unstablization of brick quality. As compared with magnesia polishing tools, the diamond ones can totally avoid quality problems caused by magnesia activation reduction and changes in storage conditions.

Meanwhile, there are more rigorous quality controls on the examination and transportation of diamond fickerts than that for magnesia polishing tools. Hence, the uniformity of diamond granularity in our stone diamond grinding and polishing tool is much better than that in magnesia ones. Thus, diamond fickerts won't cause nick on stone material and can ensure the stone's glossiness.

4. High quality
Thanks to computer controlled production equipment and highly advanced production technologies, our diamond fickert comes with high quality.

As a professional diamond fickert manufacturer and supplier in China, at Huada we also offer block granite diamond blade, multifunctional rock drilling machine, hydraulic stone jack machine, DTH drilling machine, diamond segment, and more.

ChinShine is a China-based manufacturer of diamond blade and diamond segment. Our company offers a broad range of diamond tools that includes granite cutting diamond saw blade, diamond polishing pads, diamond frankfurt, diamond wire saw, and so on.

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