ChinShine makes this kind of metal diamond fickert is specially used for rough and medium grinding on granite and artificial quartz slabs for the stone manufacturer. 
Metal diamond fickert is an ideal replacement of magnesite abrasive fickert (traditional silicon carbide abrasives), with which machine-stop and tools-installation time can be reduced thus the working efficiency increased by a great degree. These products can be used on all Automatic grinding machines.
ChinShine slot metal bond diamond fickert accelerate water flow, fast removing stone dust and chip, increase grinding efficiency. The slot and groove can extend life span by increaseing the percentage of diamond, that is why our metal bonded diamond fickert is cheaper than others and very competitive in China.

ChinShine make the super quality diamond fickerts with size of L140mm, diamond segment height 15mm, and the grit 30#, 40#, 60#, 80#, 120#, 140#, 220#, 400#.
Buy cheap metal bonded diamond fickert for granite from China manufacturer
cheap diamond fickert

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