14 Inch Laser Welded Diamond Ring Saw Blade for Concrete General Use

Whether you are looking for buying stable performance diamond ring saw blades for concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks or blocks, you have came to the right supplier.  As one of  the professional concrete saw blade supplier, we produce the 14 Inch laser welded diamond ring saw blade which is specially applied to indoor and outdoor cutting of all kinds of concrete, reinforced concrete, bricks, blocks etc. The concrete diamond ring saw blade can also be served as a pipe cutting tool. All our diamond ring saw blades are equipped with self-developed driving rollers.

Advantages of ChinShine Diamond Ring Saw Blade
1. By replacing different types of blades, the cutting depth of our 14inch lasser welded diamond ring saw blade can be achieved to 260mm which is double than that of traditional concrete saw blades.
2. 33mm length and 10mm height of diamond segment is capable of improving stability and strength of the diamond cutting tool and increasing cutting speed.
3. ChinShine 14” diamond ring saw blades features special tool bits design method which can be conducive to mortar removal and help the segments to be cooled in the shortest time, thereby considerably increasing cutting speed and life span.
4. ChinShine diamond ring saw blade has been widely used in cutting concrete pipe, plumbing or other needs in concrete walls, floors and ceilings, it is well-recognized by American and European customers.
5. It applies to Husqvarna K3600 Hydraulic saw cutting machine.

Laser welded technology is adopted for concrete & asphalt diamond blade, it is to avoid the diamond blade drop during cutting which is harmful to the operators. ChinShine's high quality 14 Inch diamond ring saw blades are mainly used for asphalt for loop and tuck pointed cutting. It is a cost-effective choice for the buyers.

General use 14 inch laser welding diamond ring saw blade

How to buy  14 inch laser welded diamond ring saw blade from the manufacturers?

ChinShine is able to supply different sizes diamond ring saw blades to the customers according to their needs,  when place an order for ring saw blades, please inform us the following items:

1) Diameter (Inch or mm)
2) Arbor Size (Inch or mm)
3) Blade Size (Length x Width x Height, )
4) Cutting Object: Green or Cured Concrete, if it contains the steel bar?
5) Machine Power/RPM (If possible)



Why buy 14 inch laser welding diamond ring saw blade from ChinShine?

* ChinShine 14 inch laser welding diamond ring saw blade have been widely used in the markets, we get positive test results.

* Compared with most suppliers, we could ensure that our cutting efficiency is increased  at  least by 20%

* Professional consulation service is available within 24 hours.

* Professional technical support  from our technicians.

* Direct communication with engineers.

General use 14 inch laser welding diamond ring saw blade


If we want to buy 14 inch laser welded diamond ring saw blade, how could we know the quality?

Please buy 14 inch laser weldedcdiamond ring saw blade from the manufacturer with a small quantity first, test the quality and  service, it will be much better for our long term cooperation. For small quantity, you don’t need to take risk in case the quality doesn’t fit your market, moreover, we offer sample discount to sincere clients for the customer's convenience.


With years of hard study and adopting quality diamond crystal, our experienced technicians had worked out hundreds of mature formulas for all kinds of working conditions. For different materials, we have  correspondent formulas for the tools for cutting and grinding.


ChinShine is striving to become the best cost-effective manufacturer of diamond ring saw blade.


What could we do if we find your 14 inch laser welding diamond ring saw blade are not in good performance?

Please tell us the detailed information of the cutting, for example:
1. The RPM of the machine, the cutting object.
2. The detail picture of diamond segment after use, e.g. the cutting side of diamond ring saw blade.
3. Unsatisfied demand on the longevity either or the sharpness, what do you expect us to improve?
4. Do you feed enough cooling water?


For more information, please contact with our sales or engineers, we will give you a satisfactory reply, meanwhile, you can get a free sample for second test.

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